About Us

blackNgreen is a leading product company empowering some of the biggest Telecom Operators around the world with its innovations. Headquartered in Dubai and with registered offices in India (Gurgaon & Chennai), Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya and Brazil, blackNgreen delivers revolutionary telecom products and value added services to over 98 Telecom Operators currently and is continuing to expand at a rapid pace. Based on current deployments, we now have an addressable base of over 2.1 Billion mobile users worldwide.

blackNgreen believes in making a difference. We stand for agile deployment, quality, innovation, fun and mostly local relevance. We strive to achieve this by empowering our teams to continually deliver an unbeatable user experience, which clearly reflects in our services’ high usage and customer retention rates. blackNgreen frequently creates partnerships with leading and growing Telecom Operators and excels in combining trends and relevance with teams' operational expertise that we've acquired over several years of closely working with Operators across the globe.

Our Vision is to lead the global mobile innovation industry with unique, high-end mobile products touching millions of lives beyond any territorial bounds.