Our mission is to empower telecom operators with innovative solutions that drive positive change. With a strong presence in over 100 countries, we are dedicated to serving some of the largest telecom operators across the globe.

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The fastest-growing mobile technology companies in the world

Currently present in over 100+ Countries.

One of the top 3 revenue generating partners at most locations.

The Pioneers of several path- breaking mobile services and technology platforms.


Empowering Global Operators: Connecting
the World through BNG’s Revolutionary Products


Touching Billions of Lives!

Magic Voice IVR

Magic Voice SIP

MTN Group Launch

Magic Call App

Airtel Group Launch

Faster download of magic Call App from 1mn to 20 mn in short span of time

Vodafone Group Launch

Glimpses of BNG

International team size grows upto 50 people

Migration of application from Physical Hardware to Cloud Infra

Expansion of Team Size

Indian Team size grew to 300 people

Offices in location like Brazil, Dubai etc.

ZBP Patent awarded

ICP number of calls handled and transactions handled journey from 0.1 mn to 1 bn transactions per month.