Smart ICP
Unlock Your Revenue Potential

Concerned about lost revenue due to incomplete calls and dissatisfied prepaid customers?

Our Smart ICP offers tailored solutions to tackle these challenges.

Over 18% of daily calls fail, resulting in 21 million missed interactions for every 1 million customers monthly.

Additionally, 30-40% of prepaid customers can't use services due to insufficient balance, causing frustration and 14 million missed interactions monthly.

Our solution transforms incoming calls into a profitable revenue stream through advanced routing, analytics, and enhanced customer experiences.

Don't miss out on revenue opportunities – maximize your business potential with us!

Stay Connected, Maximise Your Revenue Potential

Surprisingly, every month, approx. 21 million customers face call and online barriers due to low balance and 14 million users struggle with data access.

Unlock Limitless Possibilities with Our Zero Balance Platform or ZBP! We understand your frustration Don't let zero credit or finished data balance hinder your connectivity. That's why we bring you an intelligent AI engine that ensures seamless connectivity.

Experience a new era of communication where everyone stays connected, anytime, anywhere. Maximize your revenue potential by eliminating barriers.

Key Feature
Boost Subscriber Engagement with BNG's WCP Platform

At BNG, we revolutionize subscriber interactions by replacing standard notifications of 'wrong dialed number' with a dynamic IVR advertising system. When subscribers encounter a wrong IVR, they are greeted with enticing promotional offers tailored just for them.

To ensure that every subscriber receives personalized and attractive promotional offers, BNG has meticulously developed a smart targeting system.

This streamlined activation process significantly boosts response rates by up to 5%. Our system intelligently categorizes subscribers based on various criteria, such as their balance, ensuring a customized experience for each user.

Key Feature
A CVM platform to maximize value every moment everywhere

In today's ever-evolving market, customers yearn for personalized experiences, pushing service providers to comprehend their preferences and deliver customized solutions. Businesses grapple with challenges like meeting unique demands, battling competition, ensuring consistency across touchpoints, seizing growth opportunities, and optimizing resources while nurturing loyalty and a seamless customer journey.

Enter MobiArrow, the transformation catalyst. Our platform empowers you to dissect customer insights, provide tailored offerings, and maximize customer worth. With MobiArrow, you not only meet but surpass customer expectations, nurturing enduring connections for growth and prosperity.

MobiArrow is your comprehensive solution for customer value management, igniting proactive retention strategies, elevating marketing endeavors, and amplifying revenue in the realms of telecom and Mobile Money services.

Contact us today to unlock your customer base's full potential.

Master Aggregator
Revolutionize Your Data Management with Master Aggregator

Are you struggling with juggling data from various sources and battling data silos?

Enter Master Aggregator, your ultimate data management solution. It simplifies complexities by centralizing data from diverse sources, providing seamless access, accelerating decision-making, and boosting business efficiency.

In a competitive market, Master Aggregator safeguards your Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and profit margins, bridging the gap between content providers and telecom operators. With Master Aggregator, you can seamlessly integrate data, utilize real-time analytics, eliminate errors, and enhance team collaboration.

Experience our intuitive dashboard and user-friendly interface—embrace the future of data management with Master Aggregator today. Unlock streamlined data operations and propel your business forward.

Focused on growth and emphasis on your revenue
  • Facing Business Challenges?
  • Struggling to effectively connect with customers?
  • Lost in a sea of SMS, USSD, and flash messages?
  • Concerned about reaching your entire audience?
  • Juggling multiple marketing campaigns?
  • Need better campaign monitoring and ROI insights?

If you answered yes to any, Reach is your solution!

It's the smart and user-friendly outreach platform you've been searching for. With deep data analytics, an intuitive campaign interface, and interactive options, Reach simplifies decision-making. Ideal for telcos running internal, marketing, VAS promotions, and more.

Say goodbye to campaign chaos, try Campaign Manager today! Boost conversions, track performance, and join the telco community that's elevating outreach strategies.

A Service Delivery Platform to Revolutionize your experience

Renew, the innovative product service delivery platform, revolutionizes the customer experience in all service sectors. Our cutting-edge technology simplifies service delivery with intelligent middleware for partners and operators. Explore our well-defined APIs, enabling seamless promotion, billing, customer care, and business analytics.

Tailor services to your unique needs, whether entering new territories or enhancing existing offerings. Our expert team ensures outstanding customer experiences and operational efficiency. Embrace Renew today for exceptional power!

Discover Partner Management System (PMS) within Renew, streamlining partner collaborations. PMS simplifies partner onboarding, role definition, agreements, and performance monitoring. Enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and foster growth.

In summary, PMS streamlines partnership management for effective collaboration, while Renew offers a robust platform for exceptional customer experiences and growth.