BlackNGreen is one of the leading innovators and providers of VAS products and telecom solutions to the top telecom operators across the world. With extended focus in the development of path-breaking products and services, we pride ourselves in our quality and customer satisfaction that stems from our stable and paramount knowledge of the telecommunications domain. Our illustrious client list in the global telecom arena showcases our expertise in this sector.

BlackNGreen is the pioneer of several telecom technologies and products with our solutions empowering over 90+ telecom giants. The BNG suite of solutions is the result of continuous and insightful innovation by some of the brightest minds in the country. With several patent submissions and a wide range of accolades, we have been engineering products that have created quantum shifts in the telecom landscape across the world. BNG’s products are enabling over a billion users globally, to experience state-of-the-art VAS offerings.
Among the fastest growing mobile technology companies in the world
Currently present in 90+ Countries
Among top 3 revenue generating partners at most locations
Pioneering several path-breaking mobile services and technology platforms
Our Vision & Mission
Vision - To empower all major telecom operators across the world with game changing products and services that add value to the lives of billions of people.
Mission - Innovate and create mobile services and technologies that can change the telecommunications landscape while adding immense value to the life of every subscriber that we reach out to.
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