Magic Voice a patented voice morphing solution that has revolutionized the concept of IVR based offerings for telecom operators across the world, now also available on Web and Mobile App formats to cater to the changing needs of the digital markets. The IVR service is handset independent and lets you talk to your friends in a voice of your choice. It took 3 years, 64 of the best telecom and voice engineers in collaboration with professors from Ivy League Universities to create this game-changing product that continues to remain amongst the top revenue generating services for our operator partners.

Magic voice 360°
Available in Mobile App, Web App & IVR formats.
Real-Time voice morphing
Allows seamless voice changing on call.
Real-Time Ambiance effect on calls
Adding dramatic flair to conversations with interesting background sounds.
Social Virality
Record, share & download funny conversations with friends.


Another of our flagship products, this product allows you to set background sounds to your calls, depending on your need, mood or occasion you may select from predefined ambiance options like football match, traffic intersection, airport ambience, romantic ambience, birthday ambience. In addition to these predefined options, a user can sync the app with the music on his device and can set any song from it’s playlist as ambiance for his calls.


This revolutionary mobile app lets you change your voice in real time & have fun playing silly pranks on friends. Currently live in India, US, UK and Australia. Going live in Russia and China next.

Enjoy real-time voice changer on call. Use female voice changer, kid voice changer, cartoon voice changer, etc.
Switch between voices during the call
Earn free credits on first time registration
Test your voice before making the call
Listen to your funny recorded prank call under 'My Recordings' or right after the spoof call ends
Record & share your fake call or prank call on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms
Cheapest way to make a prank call
Play sound emoticons like kiss, clap, etc. during the prank call
Latest feature on the app 'Avatar' enables user to create his own avatar and modify his natural voice using simple settings on the app.




Communication services have evolved at a break-neck speed over the last century, moving from the simple telegraph to satellite based communication services. But one important technology which today provides the vital backhaul for internet users globally has lost out in the race - the humble landline.

Smartline, our new innovation takes the fixed telephony services to the next level, by making fixed lines mobile. The solution resonates with trademark blackNgreen ethos - easy to deploy and simple to use! Smartline is today enabling thousands of users worldwide to use their fixed line phones from the ease and comfort of their mobile phone - from anywhere in the globe. Connect with us to know more.

Delight your customers
Improve Loyalty & Retention



Datacom helps operators in leveraging their zero balance customers to create new revenue streams and enhance customer retention. The product enables users and brands to engage over meaningful advertisements, in exchange for which brands provide free data MBs to the users. The product available for both Voice and Data customers has won the Most Innovative Product Award under 'The Future of Tomorrow' category at Africacom 2016 and is today used by global operators as a tool to arrest revenue loss and create customer loyalty.

Plug revenue leakage
Get your zero balance users to make money for you
Delight your customers with freebies
Enhance customer experience on your network by rewarding customers with free data, sponsored through advertisements.
Build brand partnerships
Engage with global brands like Coke, Reckitt Benckiser, Colgate and many others alike.
Improve loyalty & Retention
Datacom users tend to stay longer on your network and consume more data over a period of time.


Religious Service is exactly what it sounds like and is so much more. Connecting people to their faith, the Religious Service offerings from blackNgreen today connects over 250 million people to their respective religion across the globe. Carefully crafted and categorized, the ultimate goal of the service is to cater to every follower of any religion. The service is live across the world with content from Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism and Sikhism, available in 18 languages.

Following the remarkable success of its IVR format, we now introduce its 360° variant to expand its reach to new users with WEB and Mobile App.

Available as a 360° solution
On IVR, SMS, Web App & Mobile App
Available in 18 languages
Providing holy book readings by prominent religious leaders
Live streaming on festive occasions



The next big revolution in the ‘Roaming Space’ @home allows you to make and receive calls just as you would on your home network, even when you roam. You do not have to buy a new SIM card every time you land in a different country. Before this solution, Operators were losing revenue when subscribers were choosing to switchSIM cards while travelling. Not any more!

@home gives you the power to make or receive calls at local call charges. An innovative travel solution that not only makes international roaming a cost-effective affair but also brings back roaming revenue for operators that they have been losing to foreign operators all these years.

Improve loyalty & Retention
Cost effective international roaming
No hassle to your frequently travelling customers