Magic Voice
The most innovative voice morphing product that has revolutionized the concept of IVR based offerings for telecom operators across the world. It is handset independent and lets you talk to your friend in a voice of your choice at just the press of a button. It is a plug and play solution that can be integrated with the operator’s network in absolutely no time. It took 3 years, 64 of the best telecom and voice engineers in collaboration with professors from Ivy League universities to create this game changing product which is amongst the top revenue generators for all partner operators.
Magic Ambience
An exciting addition to every call, users can now speak to their friends with background sounds of their choice. With options like football match, traffic intersection, airport ambience, romantic ambience etc. to choose from, the user can opt to use sounds of their choice based on their preferences and moods. The user has to just dial in the magic services short code followed by the mobile number. Once on the call he can choose the desired ambience at the press of a button.
Magic OBD
An innovative mobile marketing solution for Magic Services that helps the operator to get the message out in the best possible manner – by giving the subscriber a first-hand feel of what the product does. Promotional calls to the selected subscriber base lets the user speak and have his voice repeated to him in a changed voice. This exclusive platform to promote Magic Services has seen tremendous success at all locations where it has been deployed with over 60% success ratio.
ADCOM is a patented service that allows low balance prepaid subscribers to complete their call. There are times when a subscriber is unable to recharge his/her account and wants to make a call. ADCOM provides these subscribers with voice based options using which they can choose to send a missed call / take advance credit / listen to an advertisement and make a free call in addition to a host of other options.

This also offers the operator with a huge revenue potential to use his previously unused capacity of low balance subscribers to make significant revenues in addition to advertising revenues from third party advertisers.
The next big revolution in the ‘Roaming Space’ is all about the ability to travel freely without the hassle of having to switch multiple SIM cards or use data services to place a call. @home allows you to make and receive calls just as you would in your home network, even when you roam. You do not have to buy a new sim card every time you land in a different country. Even operators end up losing revenue when subscribers choose to change sims when they travel.

Two Problems - One Solution. @home gives you the power to make or receive calls just like you would at home, at a fraction of international roaming costs. An innovative travel solution that not only makes international roaming a cost-effective affair, but also brings back roaming revenues for operators, that they have been losing to foreign operators over the years
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